Liberté helps women uncover truth about bodies so that they can experience real intimacy in every area of life. 

. . . .

Our bodies are sacred. Our bodies are science. They were created with a purpose. They are bound by love. They are more than an inconvenience or a trial to overcome: they are a powerful part of who we are, enabling intimacy and joy in our lives. 

Liberté means freedom. It's a website, a movement, a conversation about the embodiment of spiritual freedom. It’s a weapon against shame, a rallying battle cry gathering women no longer captive to disappointment, cultural expectations, or fear. 

It’s a peaceful liberation that springs from deep connection. It breathes self-acceptance, instills godly hope, bares all in vulnerability, and bravely reaches a hand out to others, knowing that we only move forward if we do it together. 

Liberté is a choice: Let us be strong together. Let us believe in our inherent beauty and strength. Let us bravely plunder our relationships and God given bodies for the real intimacy we were promised and created to know. 

Liberté is a place where women can speak honestly about bodies and our experiences within them. Together we will discover tools for freedom and connection within the places that often scare us most: or own scarred and broken skin. 

It's time to talk. It's time to acknowledge. It's time to honor. It's time for better health, better relationships, better sex, and greater love.

You are sacred. You are science. You were created with a purpose, bound by love. You were made to be confident, powerful, and full of joy.

Let's find freedom together.