feminine noun meaning liberty or freedom.

être en liberté: to be free

. . . .

Liberté is freedom. 

It's a website, a movement, a conversation. A place where honesty, compassion, and love ignite. It is a weapon against shame, a rallying battle cry gathering women no longer captive to disappointment, cultural expectations, or fear. 

It’s a peaceful liberation that springs from deep connection. It breathes self-acceptance, instills godly hope, bares all in vulnerability, and bravely reaches a hand out to others, knowing that we only move forward if we do it together. 

Liberté is a choice: Let us be strong together. Let our lives be marked by abundance —  let it wreak holy havoc in every relationship, desire, and need. Let us believe in the beauty of what we were made for, plundering the depths of relationships and connection with God until we receive every promised bit. 

Liberté is you: designed with a purpose, thriving in relationships, unhindered by shame, accepted and belonging. 

It’s you and me, together. With God. Never alone. Readily equipped. Leaning forward with expectation and hope. 

Welcome to the conversation.